10-1/2-inch Chalet Winter Theme

posted by Karen Hood
Saturday, October 17, 2009

10 1/2 inch Chalet winter theme10-1/2-inch musical 1-day chalet by Schwer.  Clock features winter theme  with Hummel-style figurine. Turning waterwheel and moving dancers.  Wooden dial and hands, and wooden numerals.  Carved bird, night shutoff, old-made brown chains, door of the bird is made with a metal hinge, case with handmade shingles, extra-deep carvings, and a golden gong spring.

  • very reliable and longlasting German brass movement by SBC
  • Swiss musical movement by Reuge
  • night shutoff lever
  • carved adjustable pendulum
  • Schwer Premium clock (5-year manufacturer waranty)

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