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Huckleberry Gifts Galore!

posted by purpleivy34
Monday, August 30, 2010
Mountain Double Duo Gift Box

Gem Berry Mountain Double Duo Gift Box- Huckleberry

Idaho Gifts Wholesale is a company that Karen’s Collectors Cottage, Inc. & Art Gallery is proud to support. Located in the Inland Northwest, Idaho Gifts Wholesale was established in 2001. Owned and operated by Sandy and Malcom Dell, Idaho Gifts Wholesale offers Idaho-made products.  Along with huckleberry products, yummy fudge, and “spud” treats made by Sandees Candees, Idaho Gifts Wholesale offers items made by other companies in the Northwest. Many of these companies specialize in huckleberry products. For those rednecks out there many huckleberry products come with either a Redneck or Backwoods label available.

Karen’s Collectors Cottage, Inc. & Art Gallery carries these wonderful huckleberry products and other items for sale in our store. There are syrups, candies, coffees, teas, and gift baskets for every taste and budget.

Check out some of the products offered in our store. Direct links to our best sellers are below.

Huckleberry Combo Gift Pack

Huckleberry Combo Gift Pack

Gold Mountain Huckleberry Decaf Coffee (8 oz.)

Redneck Huckleberry Coffee

Big Bear Gift Pack

Gift Baskets for the Holiday Season!

posted by purpleivy34
Friday, August 27, 2010

School is in session again. Before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us. I love the holiday season with all its celebrations and happy memories in the making. Groups of kids attending fall festivals in their special costumes brings back wonderful memories of when we were young. Eager children playing tricks on unsuspecting adults adds fun to Halloween. The smell of that big turkey and all the trimmings on the Thanksgiving table warm the heart and soul. A special time when we can tell those we love thank you for being a part of our lives. The children filled with glee running to the Christmas tree to see what Santa has left them is such a delight! As adults, we gather around to see their excited expressions. It’s such a special time of year!

In our extended family, people are stretched out across the state and country. We would love to celebrate with all of our loved ones, but that’s just not possible. We still want to honor those loved ones far away as we spend time with those family and friends close by. Often times we don’t know what individual members of the family might like and gift giving can be a difficult choice or just too expensive.

Gift baskets are just the thing we need to give a special gift to a special someone. Bigger gift baskets are perfect when we want to honor a family many states away. I can give a smaller gift basket to a close friend or couple. With so many options, I can always find something I want to give to each part of our extended family.

We also own businesses and lead foundations with special staff that feel like our family. It is our goal to celebrate their involvement in our life as well. Their families are just as special as our own and their holiday season should be just as special. We can give them the joys of a gift basket that convey our thanks and appreciation.

Gift baskets created with loved ones in mind can be a unique, creative way to express your thoughts. Karen’s Collectors Cottage, Inc. & Art Gallery offers many choices of gift baskets for those special times. See a small collection of what we have to offer below. For more gift baskets visit our store.

Bewitched Halloween Trick or Treats Bag
Bewitched Halloween Trick or Treats Bag

Batty Bear’s Cauldron of Treats
Batty Bear's Cauldron of Treats

Thanksgiving Gourmet
Thanksgiving Gourmet

Fall Splendor-
Fall Splendor

Home & Hearth Fireside Holiday Hamper
Home & Hearth Fireside Holiday Hamper

Holiday Grandeur Gourmet Holiday Gift Basket
Holiday Grandeur Gourmet Holiday Gift Basket

Huckleberry Season is Here!

posted by Karen Hood
Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Author: Laurel F
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are right in the thick of huckleberry season, that marvelous time of year when the Northwest’s favorite berry is ripe and ready for the plucking!

Huckleberries are a delicious, blueberry-like fruit that can range in color from deep crimson to dark purple. Because huckleberry bushes yield a small amount of fruit compared to other berry bushes, they are rarely grown by farmers. Most huckleberries are handpicked in the wild and sold in local stores and farmer’s markets, or harvested for specific companies that use the berries to make syrups, jams, jellies, and other tasty treats. Many huckleberries grow in high elevations on the slopes of mountains. There are dozens of varieties, but the most sought after is the black huckleberry, which yields its sweetest fruit at elevations of 3000 to 6000 feet.

The huckleberry has great cultural significance for the local Native Americans: the Yakamas used them as a major food source for centuries, and still uses them in feasts and religious ceremonies today. For others in the Pacific Northwest, this berry is quite beloved, spawning numerous Huckleberry Festivals in small towns across the region. Even bears love these juicy, flavorful berries–so if you are out in a remote location looking for your own huckleberries to pick, be careful!

Once you have a gallon or two of huckleberries, what next? How to transform all those sweet berries into delectable treats that will delight you and your family… Luckily, we have just the thing! Huckleberry Delights is a wonderful cookbook full of delicious recipes that will help you make the most out of your huckleberries. Recipes have clear, simple directions and are accompanied by a collection of poems, folklore, and history that add to your enjoyment and knowledge. Huckleberry Delights comes in several formats, including a bilingual English-Spanish version, a Christian version with selected Bible verses, a large print edition, and a journal that can be used to record your own thoughts and recipes. To order this unique cookbook, click here.