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Have you ever wondered what gift to give that special someone in your life? They already have everything they need, and you’ve been racking your brain each holiday and birthday for the last several years to come up with something unique, something that is truly as special as they are–and now you have completely run out of ideas.

A personalized poem by Karen Jean Matsko Hood is the perfect answer. Affordable on any budget, personalized poems can be anything you want: fun and lighthearted, romantic, friendly, or sympathetic; they can be tailored to fit almost occasion including birthdays, engagements or anniversaries, holidays, bereavement, as well as any other important event or milestone. Whereas most personalized items simply add the name of your gift recipient to an already-existing poem, a Personalized Poem by Karen is always a unique creation, written specifically for you and your loved one.

Karen Jean Matsko Hood has been writing poetry for many years, and her poems have appeared in numerous magazines and literary journals both national and international. You can read a review of her first volume of poetry, Frost of Spring Green, here. Karen’s experience and expertise in writing well-crafted, poignant poems makes her a natural for personalized poetry. Her deft touch and finely-woven words are guaranteed to touch the heartstrings no matter the subject or event you are looking to commemorate. Give a gift that will be treasured forever–give a Personalized Poem by Karen.

What are personal poems?

Personal poems are professionally written for you alone, to be used as a thoughtful gift for someone you love or admire.

How does the process work?

The poem is written from information you give me about the person for whom you want the gift.
Using an insightful questionnaire, Ms. Hood is able to craft a poem that reflects exactly what you have in mind. Sometimes she may even use your own words in beautiful poetic form.

How will I know that the poem is
exactly what I wanted to say?

You choose the mood of the poem, whether light or sentimental. If Ms. Hood’s first draft does not portray your feelings precisely, it will be rewritten so that it meets your approval.

How is the poem presented?

After Ms. Hood receives your approval, the poem is printed in script on elegant parchment paper and placed in your choice of either a special frame or display

What is the cost of a personal poem?

The cost depends upon the agreed-on length of the poem and includes frame or display folder, plus one extra copy.

How do I order a personal poem?

You can email Ms. Hood at or fax her at (509) 922-9949.


For more information, including pricing, please click here to view and/or print our Personalized Poems Brochure.

Get Halloween Delights Free Today!

posted by Karen Hood
Tuesday, October 22, 2013

HalloweenDlitesKaren Jean Matsko Hood's popular cookbook Halloween Delights is available for free on Kindle today! Grab a copy of this fabulous cookbook that has been called "a treasure trove of spooky recipes" and is packed with more than 200 creative dishes that will delight, startle, and frighten your party guests! This is the perfect opportunity to stir up some devilish fun for this year’s fright night festival, as the clear, easy-to-follow recipes will spark your imagination and give you all the tools you need to turn an ordinary Halloween party into a spooktacular carnival of chills and thrills.

With a wide variety of recipes ranging from cute to frightful to disgusting but delicious, Halloween Delights will help you find tastebud-tingling foods to fit any party theme. Kids will love helping their parents make these fun and creepy snacks almost as much as they will love devouring them on Halloween. Halloween Delights is the perfect accompaniment to any Halloween planning, an absolute must-have for this holiday—and it’s got enough recipes to inspire you for many years to come. So click here to pick up your free copy of this frightfully fantastic cookbook today!

Karen Jean Matsko Hood is a prolific author and experienced chef living in the beautiful Inland Northwest. Her Cookbook Delights series is renowned for versatile, easy-to-follow recipes that delight the tastebuds again and again.

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Apple Delights Cookbook

posted by Karen Hood
Monday, October 14, 2013

With Apple Delights Cookbook, Karen Jean Matsko Hood has expertly compiled some of the best recipes to be had concerning this delicious and versatile fruit. This cookbook contains over 240 delicious apple recipes. Each recipe has easy-to-follow directions and uses ingredients that are readily available. Of course, the most important ingredients are apples, which you can pick yourself for the freshest taste or purchase from any grocery store or market. You will never regard the apple in the same way again after becoming familiar with this useful and easy-to-use new cookbook.

Please visit our websites at,, and 6 x 9, 324 pp., featuring a full-color cover in a variety of bindings. Whispering Pine Press International, Inc., Your Northwest Book Publishing Company.

Inside You Will Find:

* Delicious Apple Recipes
* Facts about the Apple
* Types of Apples
* Measurement Conversion Chart
* Fascinating Apple Folklore
* Apple-Themed Poetry
* Nutritional Information
* Helpful Index and Glossary
* Apple Cultivation


LCCN: 2014 pending BISAC 1 CKB035000 BISAC 2 CKB101000 BISAC 3 POE000000 BISAC AUD 01

ISBN: 978-1-59649-402-2 case bound $ 29.95 plus shipping
ISBN: 978-1-59210-542-7 perfect bound $ 19.95 plus shipping
ISBN: 978-1-59649-231-8 spiral bound $ 21.95 plus shipping
ISBN: 978-1-59210-695-0 comb bound $ 22.95 plus shipping
ISBN: 978-1-59649-060-4 E-PDF $ 9.99 download
ISBN: 978-1-59649-060-7 E-PUB $ 9.99 download
ISBN: 978-1-59434-858-7 E-PRC $ 9.99 download

About the Author: Karen Jean Matsko Hood is the author of numerous cookbooks, children’s books, poetry, and more. A woman of wide interests, she, her husband, seventeen children, and foster children make their home in Greenacres, Washington. Ms. Hood is currently working to complete research toward her Ph.D. in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University.

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