8-day Chalet with Moving Clockpeddler

posted by Karen Hood
Sunday, May 17, 2009
8 day chalet with mov. clockpeddler

8-day chalet with moving clockpeddler

New model by Hekas. 15-inch, 8-day chalet with many moving features. Turning dancing couples in traditional Black Forest attire. Moving water wheel & beer drinker, as well as moving clockpeddler (the way these clocks were sold 200 years ago, the clockpeddler would carry a bunch of these clocks on his back, and travel on foot as far as Turkey). Many decorative details. More than 100 handcut and handlaid wooden shingles on the roof. Lasercut windows and red shutters. Wooden carved dog, wooden hands, dial and cuckoo bird. Big bellows create deep cuckoo call.

  • reliable German brass 8-day movement (Regula) by SBC
  • Swiss musical movement by marketleader Reuge
  • manual night shutoff to silence the music and cuckoo call at night
  • certified Blackforest cuckoo clock by Hekas
  • cast-iron pine cone weights and brass chains

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