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November 23 is National Adoption Day

posted by Karen Hood
Thursday, November 21, 2013

As the mother of 16 children, many of them adopted and foster children that my husband and I have gladly welcomed into our home and our hearts, National Adoption Day is very close to my heart. Over the years, the Hood family has grown not only in size but in richness and joy, and we are proud to be adoptive parents. Please take some time this Saturday to consider what you can do to help the many children who remain without families, whether it is by donating to an organization like The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, becoming an advocate in your community, or opening your home to those in need.

Thank you,

A Special Message from The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute
This Saturday, November 23rd, we will celebrate National Adoption Day and the approximately 4,500 adoptions of children in foster care that will take place in courthouses across the nation. It is a day of celebration as well as a poignant reminder of the nearly 100,000 children in foster care still awaiting their own adoption day.

The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute exists because we not only believe that every child needs a family, but also that they can find that family – no matter what their age or circumstances. Toward that goal, we continue to raise awareness of the policy barriers that prevent children in the U.S. and around the word from finding their forever families. We will work daily with policymakers to address these barriers until every last one is removed.

We are pleased to announce the release of our report, What Barriers Remain: Areas of Needed Adoption and Foster Care Reform in the 113th Congress. This report highlights several areas where the U.S. Congress might work to reduce the number of children living without families in the U.S. and abroad. It is our hope that all who read this new report, from Members of Congress to adoptive parents, Members of the Administration to foster youth, will work in partnership with us until every child in need of a family finds permanency.

Promotional Help for Business Owners & Aspiring Authors!

posted by Karen Hood
Monday, October 7, 2013


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Achalasia Blog Wins Snippet Fact Award!

posted by Karen Hood
Thursday, January 17, 2013

facts about everything

We are proud to announce that our partner blog, Understanding Achalasia from a Patient’s Perspective, has won the prestigious Snippet Fact Award. This award is a signature of the trusted content provided and shows users that the content on is approved and verified by is a community built ‘facts only’ website, created to improve factual content on the web, and make a more trustworthy and fun resource to discover information, and improve intelligence. Founded by a community who enjoy to learn and who are dedicated to improving their own intelligence, whilst helping the quality of online factual content progress. Because it is community based, information is rated by voting on facts that users know to be true. This way, you can see how trusted that fact is, and how credible that information is before republishing it on your own website or blog.

Because is a project designed to improve the quality of online factual content, they want to promote and encourage this on other websites too! Understanding Achalasia from a Patient’s Perspective was awarded the following reasons: accurate and precise informational content, interesting and inviting layout and/or writing style, reliable source for trustworthy content, and unique and entertaining information.

The achalasia blog, like all of our networked blogs (see links on the side of the page), is maintained with the highest standards of writing. Understanding Achalasia from a Patient’s Perspective is dedicated to providing informational resources for those suffering from achalasia, a rare disease that affects approximately 200,000 people throughout the US; and shares the personal story of our founder, Karen Jean Matsko Hood, as she lives with achalasia and struggles to bring this little-known disease to the public eye. While the main focus of the blog is achalasia, our articles provide a wealth of information on various topics that can educate and improve the reader. We are proud to be recognized for our efforts by, and we hope to see you on all our blogs!