Cookbook Inspiration in San Francisco

posted by Karen Hood
Friday, November 5, 2010

November 4, 2010 – Today was the first day of Dr. Hood’s seminar, and it was excellent.  It was also intense—he was in class from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the latest procedures and research on sedation dentistry.  This is a very helpful skill to be able to add to the professional dental services already offered to dental patients.

Meanwhile, I was able to leave and get some work done.  I was pleased to complete that.  Off work hours we managed to squeeze in breakfast and lunch with our son Kyler, as well as a visit with Jim’s sister Mary.

Kyler was my off-hours tour guide.  He took me on a short tour and literally walked my legs off.  I really need to get in shape!

It is a totally different world in San Francisco.  It is a beautiful city, with most of the people being friendly and helpful.  (I cannot count the one person on a scooter who swore at us unmercifully, just for walking across the street.  Okay, we were deep in conversation and we didn’t see him trying to hit us broadside, but we were a bit taken aback by the anger he unleashed.)

On to better thoughts … the variety of cultural diversity is very intriguing here in San Francisco.  I am sure I will add a Sourdough Cookbook to my Cookbook Delights Series, and I am looking forward to testing those recipes.  Sourdough has an interesting and long history in California.  It was the main bread made in Northern California during the Gold Rush days, and it continues as part of the culture of San Francisco.  The type of sourdough made in San Francisco has remained in continuous production for nearly 150 years.  Some bakeries can trace their starters back to time when California was still a territory!

Chinatown has inspired me to get going on my Chinese Delights Cookbook, which is already started but not finished.  Please visit my bookstore at to see the cookbooks that are available there.

Thank you,

Karen Hood

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