Freckles by Cindy M. McClure Dolls

Collectible dolls are very special at Karen’s Collectors Cottage, Inc. & Art Gallery.  Dolls are collected based on the  year they were made, whether they were handmade or machine made, if hair or linens are real or synthetic, the facial features, and other features including moveable eyes or arms and legs.

Dolls come from all different countries: France, Germany, Poland, the USA…you name it! Every doll maker in each different country has a different way of handcrafting their dolls and giving them special features. Doll values can range from under $20.oo to $4,000 and higher.

You might be wondering how you would start collecting dolls. There are a few questions you should ask yourself. Do you want to collect antique, vintage, or modern dolls? Antique dolls are over 100 years old, vintage dolls are 20 to 100 years old, and modern dolls are newer than 20 years old.

What ethnic background do you want your dolls to be? There are several lines of dolls to collect that are Caucasian, several that are African American, or you may want to choose Native American.

Do you want to collect only dolls made out of one particular material? Many dolls are made from china, cloth, porcelain, or vinyl.

Do you want to collect dolls of one particular type?  Dolls canDandee musical doll be child-like dolls, holiday-themed dolls, or character dolls.

Karen’s Collectors Cottage, Inc. & Art Gallery includes dolls from makers such as Cindy M. McClure, Edna Dali, Heidi Ott, Zawieruszynski, Kathe Kruse, Madame Alexander, and more. Please visit our store to check out our doll collection.

If you have any questions about doll collecting, please send us an email.

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