Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

posted by Karen Hood
Thursday, October 29, 2009

By Parents Connect
Source: Yahoo

Hey busy mamas and papas, need a last minute Halloween costume for your kid? Get rid of the costume crazies without hitting the pricey party store with these easy-peasy 10-minute costumes using items you already have around the house! Don’t worry, there’s ZERO sewing involved, they’re creative AND cost-effective! (You’re welcome.)

Pinocchio: After styling your kid in a simple white tee and shorts with knee socks, tape construction paper buttons to the tee and then tie 5-feet long pieces of string to your kid’s wrists and ankles. Tie the other ends of the string to two popsicle sticks that YOU hold. Hey, you’re Geppetto! Add any puppet-y touches like a vest, felt hat, whatever you’ve got. Full instructions here.

Scarecrow: Dress your kid in a big flannel shirt and baggy jeans. Accessorize with a floppy hat, safety-pinned-on patches and straw (from your neighbor’s decorative hay bale? Ask first though!) tucked into the cuffs.

Biker Dude or Chick: With a black tee, jeans, tattoos (temporary of course!), a bandanna and even some creative eyebrow penciled-on facial hair, your dude (or dudette) will be ready to rock! Full instructions here.

An American Tourist: Got a Hawaiian shirt? You’re halfway there. Just add shorts, a money belt or fanny pack, a camera (or just the case and strap!), a handful of maps and an obnoxious hat. Black socks with sandals optional. Full instructions here.

Delivery Guy or Gal: Dress him or her up in brown shorts and a brown polo or tee. Turn a mailing label into a UPS logo and stick in on the shirt. Hand your kid an empty mailing box for him to carry and fill with candy! Full instructions here.

Artist: Help your kid splatter paint one of Dad’s big plain white tees. Make a painter’s palette from cardboard, paint on some dots, grab a beret from your coat closet, a paint brush and voila! Full instructions here.

Pilot: Dress your kid in khaki pants and a white shirt and add aviator glasses and a brown cap. How Top Gun of you!

Clumsy Skier: This works best for climates with cold trick-or-treating conditions. Put your kid in her snow gear and then put your first aid kit to good use. Wrap limbs and head in gauze, add bandages, face paint on a black eye and some cuts and bruises (here’s a good recipe for easy homemade face paint), and add some crutches if you’ve got ’em! Full instructions here.

Hershey’s Kiss: Cover a ski cap with tin-foil and add a white strip of “kiss” paper to the top. Put on a brown T-shirt and sweat pants, and then fill a bag with kisses … just in case someone’s not sure what he is (yeah right, it’s so you can snack on them all night long!).

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