Norman Rockwell Plates

posted by Karen Hood
Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Our collection of Norman Rockwell is diversified. Started back in the early 1900s Norman Rockwell became a great painter. His collection then grew to include bone china plates.

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  1. Mistylynn says:

    I personally like “The Music Maker” collectible plate by Norman Rockwell. It’s another Norman Rockwell classic portraying a grandfather-like figure showing a young boy how to play an accordion. It was issued in 1981, but the scene is reminiscent of a much earlier time where one family member might have shown a descendent his hobbie or trade and passed it further down the generations. It’s the fifth plate issued in the Heritage Series. It was approved by the Rockwell Society of America and crafted by Knowles China in an limited edition permanently closed in 1981.

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