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10-1/2-inch Chalet Winter Theme

posted by Karen Hood
Saturday, October 17, 2009

10 1/2 inch Chalet winter theme10-1/2-inch musical 1-day chalet by Schwer.  Clock features winter theme  with Hummel-style figurine. Turning waterwheel and moving dancers.  Wooden dial and hands, and wooden numerals.  Carved bird, night shutoff, old-made brown chains, door of the bird is made with a metal hinge, case with handmade shingles, extra-deep carvings, and a golden gong spring.

  • very reliable and longlasting German brass movement by SBC
  • Swiss musical movement by Reuge
  • night shutoff lever
  • carved adjustable pendulum
  • Schwer Premium clock (5-year manufacturer waranty)

Available for Purchase at our Online Store

Musical Cuckoo Clock with Owls and Birds

posted by Karen Hood
Thursday, September 17, 2009

16-inch musical cuckoo clock by Hubert Herr.  Clock features hand-painted dancing figurines which turn while the Swiss music box plays “Edelweiss” or “Happy Wanderer.”  Very elaborate carvings, with airbrushed owls (with glass eyes) and birds.  An “Alphorn” wraps around the wooden dial. The night shutoff silences the cuckoo call and the music.

Available for online purchase at our Clock Store.

Cuckoo Clock – 14-inch, 8-day with 5 Leaves

posted by Karen Hood
Friday, July 17, 2009

14 inch 8 day with 5 leavesTraditional 5-leaf design, 14-inch cuckoo clock by Hubert Herr.  Great starter clock with the convenience of an 8-day movement (wind only once a week) for the price of a 1-day clock .  If the cuckoo sound keeps you up at night, use the night shut-off to silence the clock.  Cuckoo calls the full hour and cuckoos once at the half hour. Clock case   is solid wood and is stained not painted. Clock features also crossed front and wooden dial.

  • clock case and carvings made of solid wood
  • German brass movement
  • brass chains
  • wooden dial
  • manual night silencer lever
  • certificate of authenticity
  • 14 inches tall excluding pendulum and pine cones
  • 2-year warranty

Available for purchase at our Online Store