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An Assortment of Christmas Goodies

posted by Karen Hood
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

An Assortment of Christmas Goodies

     Appreciating the holiday gift basket

Christmas Gift Basket
Christmas is the one time of the year when it’s the norm to go on a shopping spree for gifts for your loved ones. The holiday is all about spreading warmth and joy; and for many folks, gift-giving is one of the best ways of going about it.

That said, unless you’re Donald Trump, it isn’t realistic for you to get everyone on your Christmas list a PlayStation 4. Good thing there’s a less expensive – but no less meaningful – present you can give during the holiday season: a gift basket.

Many people consider gift baskets analogous to flowers, in that they can be used to convey a variety of meanings and emotions to the recipients. These hampers can be used to say thank you to that nice neighbor who helped you move your couch that one time. They can be made into peace offerings for someone you may have wronged, or who may have wronged you. And yes, gift baskets can also simply be used to say “I love you.”

A lot of retailers have seen the potential of these gift baskets as expressive presents. To that end, they have concocted basket sets of their own, with a lot of variety to boot. The M&S lineup of bestselling hampers show that these offerings can range from a simple Italian Duo wine package, to a full-blown Ultimate Christmas Hamper with nearly everything in it. If you are thinking of a personalized basket for someone like your gamer brother, you can check out this suggestion from

Of course, it’s not how big the present is, but what the present means for the one receiving it. It isn’t important if the Christmas gift hamper you’re giving contains a dozen boxes of Godiva chocolates or a loofah, soap, and candles. You’ve got to admit, though, there’s just something about gifts being handed in a basket that makes them more heartfelt.