The Story of M.I. Hummel

posted by Karen Hood
Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Karen’s Collectors Cottage, Inc. & Art Gallery would like to share with you the history behind our collection of Hummel bells and figurines.

Hummel figurines were created in a large part by Berta Hummel who was born in Bavaria in 1909 and continued on to the famous Academy of Applied Arts in Munich, Germany. That is where her talent of drawing children really bloomed. She never lost the art and spontaneity even through rigorous training.

After her graduation in 1931 Berta decided to join the Convent of Siessen when she became friends with two Franciscan Sisters.  Three years later she changed her name to Maria Innocentia and it remained that ever after. German publishers began making her artwork popular on postcards. It then came before Franz Goebel who owned a porcelain company during a time in which he was looking for a new line of products.  He convinced Sister Hummel to agree to have her drawings made into three dimensional figurines. The Convent granted Goebel the sole right to create three-dimensional works of art based on Sister Hummel’s drawings. It was decided that she would have close contact with those making the wonderful creations. The first figurines created were hugely popular in 1935.

In 1946, Sister Maria Innocentia died at a young 37 years old. Franz Goebel made sure that her figurines would continue to be created and sold. In early 2009, Manufaktur Rödental took over the whole brand, striving to keep the artistiry, in the  same Rödental, Germany factory where the figurines have been created for over 75 years. A team of skilled craftspeople still work with loving care, ensuring that each figurine keeps its artistic excellence that people have come to know through the generations. The treasure of these special ceramic creations will continue on for many future generations.

These days Hummel figurines are still a beloved collectible to the generations in a spirit of childhood that created the very first figurines and continues to show the talent of one special young lady who was a brilliant artist.

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Hummel 2008 Angel Bell

Hummel 2008 Angel Bell

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