The Value of Byers’ Choice Carolers

posted by Karen Hood
Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Byer’s Choice Carolers are lovely, unique collectibles that are well-known for their quality craftmanship, handmade vintage appeal, and irresistible charm. Every Caroler is created in the Byers’ Choice Pennsylvania workshop by the loving hands of a team of skilled artisans. Each of these unique characters are created using a variety of materials and techniques. Hundreds of different fabrics, ribbons, and laces are available to the artisans to be mixed in various combinations to create traditional and Victorian Carolers. By changing the posing, or adjusting the draping of the clothes, Byers’ Choice artisans breathe life and personality into each Caroler that capture the warmth and spirit of Christmas. As may be expected of such a unique and well-loved set of collectibles, retired Carolers can fetch a pretty penny when resold.

However, not all Carolers appreciate in value, so if you are looking to sell part of your collection it is wise to research the particular item(s) you intend to sell. Limited editions, autographed Carolers, and exclusive items are mostly likely to appreciate in value over time. Items that are particularly difficult to obtain, like the retired Nutcracker Ballet set, may also be more expensive. On eBay, the average Caroler can sell for anything between $10-70, with the low end representing smaller items like animals, children, and accessories. Limited editions, like the Mark Twain Historical Caroler, can sell for $12o and up.

The Byers’ Choice website is a good place to start your research. You can view a list of current limited editions along with a list of retailers who sell them here. These special pieces generally cost between $60 and $80 and are likely to be a good investment for the future. Another helpful resource is the list of retired Carolers on their site, here. This list will tell you when a piece was produced, and for how many years. Carolers that were produced for a single year are often valued for their rarity.

7 Responses to “The Value of Byers’ Choice Carolers”

  1. Bill Karmis says:

    I would like to sell my moms collection of Byers Carolers.
    Is there any preferred place to sell used carolers?

    I have about 30 Would prefer to sell as a lot not one at a time
    Bill Karmis

  2. Sibella says:

    I would suggest listing them on Ebay as a lot or taking them to a local antique store.

  3. I have to Byers carolers…they are skaters ..a boy and a girl..They are numbered editions…2/100 and 67/100 They were made exclusively for Talbots..can you give me any information on them or value? Thank you

  4. Joan Jetmore says:

    I have a Byers Choice Salvation Army complete band with accessories. One of the ladies is black. Looking to sell all

  5. sandra butts says:

    Looking to sell a lot of Carolers that are retired . was wondering if was a place instesd of ebay or amoazon?

  6. nancy gould says:

    I have 9 carolers ranging from 1986 to 1993 can you tell me their value

  7. parfüm says:

    Thanks a million. So lovely ones.

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